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Las Vegas Windshield Repair and Replacement Services

Our Las Vegas windshield repair and replacement professionals are among the most skilled and experienced in the country. This feature of our vehicles is one that we often overlook. The windshield started its history as a luxury item, which was cost prohibitive to most customers. Over the years consumers began to complain that the glass on their vehicles would shatter from the slightest damage. To fix this problem, auto makers developed early versions of the same types of laminates safety glass we use today. By sandwiching layers of plastic binders in between layers of glass, the strength of the windshield is significantly enhanced. These parts today form an integral part of the safety features on a car. Structural integrity in rollover accidents is imperative; a properly installed windshield adds about twenty percent additional strength.

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The windshields on our vehicles can take a beating on our roadways. That is why it is so important to call our company as soon as there is damage done to your vehicle. Small chips and cracks can spread over time, leaving a windshield unrepairable. Temperature changes, rough roadways, direct sunlight, and further damage can make a cracked windshield shatter and reduce its effectiveness as a safety feature. According to many statistics, over seventy five percent of all aftermarket windshields are installed improperly. This means that they can pop out in case of accidents, leaving the occupants vulnerable. It is important to choose an experienced team of experts to work on your vehicle to ensure the job is done right. We always use the latest vehicle specific binders to ensure professional results every time.

Ensure that Your Windshield is as Strong as Possible

The windshield on a car is designed not only to improve ride comfort, but also to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe. When the airbag deploys, it presses up against the windshield creating the extra internal pressure needed to adequately protect the driver. If the windshield is already damaged or installed properly, chances are it will fail, leading to the airbag losing some of its effectiveness. This can lead to the occupants of the vehicle being severely injured or even killed. That is why it is so important to not ignore damage to your auto glass. Our highly trained and experienced team of experts provides mobile service to all areas of the valley and delivers professional results every time.

Professional Auto Glass Technicians

A properly installed and maintained windshield significantly increases the survivability chances for those involved in major collisions. It is easy to ignore this type of damage to your vehicle because it does not necessarily reduce overall performance or reliability. Safety is an issue, however. Once any type of auto glass is damaged beyond a certain degree, it can no longer be repaired, and you will require a windshield replacement. This can be a much more costly affair, especially for those with high end, or specialty vehicles. We have experience repairing glass on all types of commercial and civilian vehicles. Our approach saves you time and money, and leaves professional results. We are the proven experts. Call us today to speak to a Las Vegas windshield professional.

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